The Gudovitch-Bar Ltd. Company was founded by Israel Gudovitch in 1970 under the name of Israel Gudovitch Ltd.
In the year 2000 the Company was handed over to Gudovitch’s son-in-law, Gaby Bar, who presently is its General Manager

Gudovitch-Bar Ltd. deals with the import and distribution of a wide variety of orthotic & prosthetic products.

In addition to a large selection of “off the shelf orthotics”, Gudovitch-Bar Ltd. imports and distributes for
both fields all needed raw materials and prefabricated components for the manufacturing of Orthoses and Prostheses.

Over the years the company has established its position in the local orthotic & prosthetic market, and currently all
dealers in orthotics & prosthetics in Israel have a close commercial connection with the Company.

The Company maintains very tight contact with the European and US manufacturers in a continuous effort to introduce and distribute in Israel, all innovations and advancements in the field. We consider the Company’s mission and responsibility to update and maintain the Orthotic & Prosthetic profession in Israel, at its highest level.

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